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Understanding the implications of equity crowdfunding on sustainability-oriented innovation and changes in agri-food systems: Insights into an open innovation approach 2021 Troise C.; Tani M.; Dinsmore J.; Schiuma G.
New technologies and entrepreneurship: exploring entrepreneurial behavior in the digital transformation era 2022 Ciro Troise; Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh; Mario Tani; Sergey A. Yablonsky
How to Engage the Crowds to Create Value? Evidence from the Pathfinder Arena Case 2022 Prisco Anna, Muto Valerio, Troise Ciro, Tani Mario
To Act or Not to Act: the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Perceived uncertainty and Entrepreneurial behavior 2022 Federico Caricasulo; Ciro Troise
Equity crowdfunding for university spin off 2022 Ciro Troise; Stefano Bresciani; Alberto Ferraris; Gabriele Santoro
Sustainable business models as successful drivers in equity crowdfunding 2022 Caputo Andrea, Schiocchet Elisa, Troise Ciro
Live support by chatbots with artificial intelligence: A future research agenda 2022 Camilleri M.A.; Troise C.
Guest editorial: Digital transformation, strategic management and entrepreneurial process: dynamics, challenges and opportunities 2022 Ciro Troise, Mario Tani, Diego Matricano, Elia Ferrara
Antecedents and consequences of sending and receiving information in mobile gaming apps 2022 John B. Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Ciro Troise, Wakiuru Wamwara, Bin Li
How Can SMEs Use Crowdfunding Platforms to Internationalize? The Role of Equity and Reward Crowdfunding 2022 Troise C.; Battisti E.; Christofi M.; van Vulpen N.J.; Tarba S.
Exploring knowledge visualization in the digital age: an analysis of benefits and risks 2022 Troise C.
Social media and entrepreneurship: exploring the impact of social media use of start-ups on their entrepreneurial orientation and opportunities 2022 Troise C.; Dana L.P.; Tani M.; Lee K.Y.
Business model innovation in mobile apps market: Exploring the new subscription plans with a behavioral reasoning perspective 2022 Tani, Mario; Troise, Ciro; O’Driscoll, Aidan
Innovating the supply chain in health-related crises: some evidence from ISINNOVA case 2022 Tani Mario, Troise Ciro, De Bernardi Paola, Han Tian
SMEs' strategies for dealing with the Covid-19 emergency: a case study in the Italian food industry 2022 Salamzadeh, Aidin; Troise, Ciro; Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Pioggerella, Sara; Strazzullo, Serena
COVID-19 Pandemic: The Interplay Between Firm Disruption and Managerial Attention Focus 2022 Ghobadian A.; Han T.; Zhang X.; O'Regan N.; Troise C.; Bresciani S.; Narayanan V.
How can SMEs successfully navigate VUCA environment: The role of agility in the digital transformation era 2022 Troise C.; Corvello V.; Ghobadian A.; O'Regan N.
Openness strategies and the success of international entrepreneurship 2022 Gimenez-Fernandez E.M.; Ferraris A.; Troise C.; Sandulli F.D.
Functionality and usability features of ubiquitous mobile technologies: the acceptance of interactive travel apps 2023 Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Troise, Ciro; Kozak, Metin
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 63
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