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Chestnut fruits in high-CO2-modified atmosphere 2015 Peano C.; Baudino C.; Giuggioli N.R.; Girgenti V.
Chestnut Transcriptome NG Sequencing: a New Tool to Investigate Gall Wasp Response 2014 F. Dini; C. Sartor; D. Torello Marinoni; R. Botta
Correlation between thinning amount and fruit quality in peach and nectarine. 2002 GIACALONE G; C. PEANO; BOUNOUS G;
Development of a Genetic Linkage Map in Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) for the Detection of QTLs 2014 C. Beltramo; P. Boccacci; M.A. Sandoval Prando; R. Botta; E. Portis
Effects of low O2 in cut rose flowers at suboptimal temperature 2003 M. DEVECCHI; U. VAN MEETEREN; H. DE WILD; E. WOLTERING
Evolution of qualitative characteristics during blueberry fruit storage in a modified atmosphere 2015 Peano C. ; Briano R.; Giuggioli N.R.; Girgenti V.; Sottile F.
Maintaining quality of fresh-cut nectarines using heat treatments associated with modified atmosphere packaging 2015 Chiabrando V.; Giacalone G.
Micropropagation of Artemisia mutellina vill. 1998 Mozzetti C.; De Donato M.
Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Sweet Cherries with different packaging systems: effect on organoleptic quality 2015 Giacalone G.; Chiabrando V.
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Preserve and Value the Chestnut Heritage 2014 Torello Marinoni, D.; Sartor, C.; Ruffa, P.; Akkak, A.; Mellano, M.G; Beccaro, G.L; Bounous, G.; Botta, R.
Performance of different box bags for MAP to preserve the quality of ‘Angeleno’ plums in transport storage conditions 2015 Briano R.; Girgenti V.; Giuggioli N.R.; Peano C.
The landscape value of chestnut grove in Cuneo province 1999 Bounous G.; Paglietta R.; Peano C.; Giacalone G.; Parola F.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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