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EU - Europa 5261
AS - Asia 2111
OC - Oceania 274
SA - Sud America 252
AF - Africa 161
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 13
Totale 16722
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 8295
IT - Italia 1605
DE - Germania 922
CN - Cina 847
FR - Francia 651
GB - Regno Unito 624
CA - Canada 288
VN - Vietnam 248
AU - Australia 240
KR - Corea 229
ES - Italia 195
PL - Polonia 176
JP - Giappone 165
NL - Olanda 165
SE - Svezia 142
IN - India 136
BR - Brasile 105
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 89
NO - Norvegia 85
DK - Danimarca 84
TW - Taiwan 82
ZA - Sudafrica 82
RU - Federazione Russa 77
ID - Indonesia 73
HK - Hong Kong 63
CL - Cile 59
BE - Belgio 53
CH - Svizzera 50
CO - Colombia 50
IE - Irlanda 50
MX - Messico 49
AT - Austria 43
RO - Romania 41
PT - Portogallo 40
TR - Turchia 40
SG - Singapore 36
IL - Israele 32
FI - Finlandia 31
UA - Ucraina 31
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 30
PK - Pakistan 29
IR - Iran 26
TH - Thailandia 26
HU - Ungheria 20
GR - Grecia 19
MY - Malesia 16
AR - Argentina 14
EG - Egitto 13
PE - Perù 13
PH - Filippine 13
SA - Arabia Saudita 12
LT - Lituania 9
NG - Nigeria 9
RS - Serbia 9
ET - Etiopia 8
HR - Croazia 8
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 7
LU - Lussemburgo 7
LV - Lettonia 7
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 7
IS - Islanda 6
ZM - Zambia 6
BG - Bulgaria 5
LB - Libano 5
PS - Palestinian Territory 5
QA - Qatar 5
TZ - Tanzania 5
UG - Uganda 5
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 4
DZ - Algeria 4
EU - Europa 4
GP - Guadalupe 4
GT - Guatemala 4
IQ - Iraq 4
MA - Marocco 4
PG - Papua Nuova Guinea 4
SI - Slovenia 4
GH - Ghana 3
LS - Lesotho 3
MU - Mauritius 3
NP - Nepal 3
PY - Paraguay 3
UY - Uruguay 3
AL - Albania 2
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 2
BW - Botswana 2
DJ - Gibuti 2
EC - Ecuador 2
GA - Gabon 2
JO - Giordania 2
KZ - Kazakistan 2
PR - Porto Rico 2
SD - Sudan 2
UZ - Uzbekistan 2
VE - Venezuela 2
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 1
BF - Burkina Faso 1
BJ - Benin 1
BO - Bolivia 1
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Seattle 547
Houston 543
Woodbridge 509
Buffalo 498
Ashburn 444
Torino 369
Cambridge 336
Ann Arbor 285
Wilmington 275
Beijing 212
Dong Ket 202
Warsaw 146
Pisa 139
Shanghai 95
University Park 92
Las Vegas 85
Wuhan 83
Ottawa 79
Los Angeles 77
Rome 77
San Diego 77
Guangzhou 75
Chicago 68
Milan 63
Nürnberg 59
Taipei 59
Clearwater 56
Mountain View 55
Turin 54
Muizenberg 51
Phoenix 49
Hangzhou 47
London 47
Seongnam 44
San Francisco 43
Dublin 41
New York 41
Toronto 41
Fleming Island 40
Leawood 39
Lake Forest 36
Nanjing 36
Bengaluru 33
Bremen 32
Paris 31
Chengdu 30
Provo 28
Henderson 27
Riva 26
Seoul 26
Tokyo 26
Dallas 25
Des Moines 25
Duncan 25
Jakarta 25
Copenhagen 24
Melbourne 24
Rotterdam 23
Brisbane 22
Hiroshima 22
Munich 22
Oslo 22
Shenyang 22
Singapore 21
Southend 21
Atlanta 20
Sydney 20
Santiago 19
Bogotá 18
Boston 18
Madrid 18
Barcelona 17
Hamilton 17
Central District 16
Council Bluffs 16
San Jose 16
Essen 15
Rochester 15
Bologna 14
Easton 14
Medellín 14
Mumbai 14
Johannesburg 13
Lyngby 13
Stockholm 13
Vienna 13
Berlin 12
Catania 12
Chandler 12
Chongqing 12
Jacksonville 12
Jinan 12
Lima 12
Montréal 12
Norwalk 12
São Paulo 12
Calgary 11
Dearborn 11
Totale 8845
Nome #
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[Communicating data of the Italian NINFEA birth cohort]EPICHANGE. Comunicare i dati della coorte italiana di nuovi nati NINFEA, file e27ce42d-334f-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 57
LINE-1 methylation status in prostate cancer and non-neoplastic tissue adjacent to tumor in association with mortality, file e27ce42d-3302-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 51
Pre- and post-natal maternal anxiety and early childhood weight gain, file e27ce42f-443d-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 51
Occupational prestige, social mobility and the association with lung cancer in men, file e27ce430-8768-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 51
Astigmatic equivalence of 2.2-mm and 1.8-mm superior clear corneal cataract incision., file e27ce42f-7ac2-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 48
Lung cancer risk among bricklayers in a pooled analysis of case-control studies, file e27ce428-b1c9-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 47
Socioeconomic factors associated with risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancer in Europe, file e27ce426-c3bf-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 46
Effect of intermittent PTH treatment on plasma glucose in osteoporosis: A randomized trial., file e27ce42f-9d0b-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 44
Interchangeability of light and virtual microscopy for histopathological evaluation of prostate cancer, file e27ce432-755c-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 42
Developing an integrated microsimulation model for the impact of fiscal policies on child health in Europe: the example of childhood obesity in Italy, file e27ce434-ff3c-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 42
Perinatal maternal mental health is associated with both infections and wheezing in early childhood, file e27ce430-504d-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 41
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