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Continente #
NA - Nord America 9398
EU - Europa 7924
AS - Asia 3062
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 70
OC - Oceania 24
SA - Sud America 24
AF - Africa 16
Totale 20518
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 9321
CN - Cina 1806
SE - Svezia 1506
IE - Irlanda 1194
IT - Italia 1135
UA - Ucraina 945
FR - Francia 786
DE - Germania 758
FI - Finlandia 636
KR - Corea 542
VN - Vietnam 302
PL - Polonia 270
AT - Austria 195
GB - Regno Unito 176
IR - Iran 155
CA - Canada 70
EU - Europa 68
JP - Giappone 56
TR - Turchia 50
BE - Belgio 48
RU - Federazione Russa 47
NL - Olanda 44
IN - India 43
ES - Italia 38
GR - Grecia 38
CH - Svizzera 32
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 25
SA - Arabia Saudita 23
AU - Australia 20
HK - Hong Kong 20
NO - Norvegia 14
MY - Malesia 12
TW - Taiwan 12
MU - Mauritius 11
UZ - Uzbekistan 11
RO - Romania 10
BR - Brasile 9
PK - Pakistan 9
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 8
MX - Messico 7
BO - Bolivia 6
DK - Danimarca 6
ID - Indonesia 6
SG - Singapore 5
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 4
PT - Portogallo 4
AR - Argentina 3
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 3
PE - Perù 3
ZA - Sudafrica 3
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 2
EC - Ecuador 2
IL - Israele 2
PH - Filippine 2
TH - Thailandia 2
AL - Albania 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CO - Colombia 1
DZ - Algeria 1
HR - Croazia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IQ - Iraq 1
LT - Lituania 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MA - Marocco 1
RS - Serbia 1
SI - Slovenia 1
SM - San Marino 1
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Città #
Chandler 1775
Beijing 1480
Dublin 1191
Jacksonville 727
Ann Arbor 621
Villeurbanne 580
Princeton 569
Fairfield 519
Wilmington 501
Dearborn 379
Medford 370
Houston 360
Warsaw 261
Nyköping 249
Ashburn 230
Boston 226
Dong Ket 213
Woodbridge 209
Seattle 201
Torino 198
Vienna 185
Cambridge 126
Fremont 116
San Mateo 109
Pisa 104
Grafing 95
Düsseldorf 83
Redwood City 83
Milan 73
Turin 70
Boardman 58
Norwalk 54
Falls Church 48
Fars 43
Hefei 43
Brussels 42
San Diego 41
Kunming 31
Mountain View 31
Ottawa 30
Nanjing 29
Guangzhou 26
Bratislava 25
Rome 25
Verona 24
Tokyo 23
Kocaeli 22
Trento 21
Phoenix 20
Munich 19
Bologna 18
Central District 17
Redmond 17
Geneva 16
Volpiano 16
Delhi 15
Toronto 15
Marche 14
Shanghai 14
Zhengzhou 14
Knoxville 13
Balikesir 12
Changsha 12
Seoul 12
Vigo 12
Wuhan 12
Jinan 11
Dallas 10
Heemskerk 9
Lanzhou 9
Nanchang 9
Philadelphia 9
Saint Petersburg 9
Taipei 9
Tehran 9
Chengdu 8
Hangzhou 8
Moscow 8
Silver Spring 8
University Park 8
Darmstadt 7
Moncucco Torinese 7
Nürnberg 7
Chongqing 6
Esfahan 6
Gorizia 6
Grevenbroich 6
Hebei 6
Isfahan 6
La Paz 6
Ludwigshafen 6
Manchester 6
New York 6
Stavanger 6
Xian 6
Bergamo 5
Buffalo 5
Edinburgh 5
Helsinki 5
Los Angeles 5
Totale 13029
Nome #
The DELPHI detector at LEP. 399
Observation of Events With A Large Rapidity Gap In Deep-inelastic Scattering At Hera 229
The CNAO dose delivery system for modulated scanning ion beam radiotherapy 216
Performances of the scanning system for the CNAO center of oncological hadron therapy 214
Beam test results of a 16 ps timing system based on ultra-fast silicon detectors 167
Direct evaluation of radiobiological parameters from clinical data in the case of ion beam therapy: an alternative approach to the relative biological effectiveness 155
A Monte Carlo approach to the microdosimetric kinetic model to account for dose rate time structure effects in ion beam therapy with application in treatment planning simulations 148
Design and characterization of a 64 channels ASIC front-end electronics for high-flux particle beam detectors 145
Online beam monitoring in the treatment of ocular pathologies at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud-Catania. 141
D-IMRT verification with a 2D pixel ionization chamber: dosimetric and clinical results in head and neck cancer 140
Beam Monitors for Tomorrow: The Challenges of Electron and Photon FLASH RT 126
Quality assurance of carbon ion and proton beams: A feasibility study for using the 2D MatriXX detector 125
A new detector for the beam energy measurement in proton therapy: a feasibility study 122
A simple method to increase the current range of the TERA chip in charged particle therapy applications 121
The 4D pixel challenge 121
Thin low-gain avalanche detectors for particle therapy applications 120
Design of a 64 channels current-to-frequency converter ASIC, front-end electronics for high intensity particle beam detectors 118
Investigation of the use of inhomogeneous fractional dose distributions in IMPT to improve the therapeutic index 113
Temperature dependence of the response of ultra fast silicon detectors 110
Control of the dose distribution in charged particle therapy 106
Single Event Upset tests and failure rate estimation for a front-end ASIC adopted in high-flux-particle therapy applications 106
Heuristic optimization of the scanning path of particle therapy beams 103
Design, testing and performance of the frontend electronics for the LPS silicon microstrip detectors 101
Characterization of a silicon detector and front-end electronics prototype for single ion discrimination in hadrontherapy 99
Two-dimensional and quasi-three-dimensional dosimetry of hadron and photon beams with the Magic Cube and the Pixel Ionization Chamber 98
The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC 98
The CNAO system to monitor and control hadron beams for therapy 96
'Survival': A simulation toolkit introducing a modular approach for radiobiological evaluations in ion beam therapy. 94
Innovative thin silicon detectors for monitoring of therapeutic proton beams: Preliminary beam tests 94
Design and characterization of the beam monitor detectors of the Italian National Center of Oncological Hadron-therapy (CNAO) 93
Accuracy assessment of the CNAO dose delivery system in the initial period of clinical activity and impact of later improvements on delivered dose distributions 89
A Measurement of Sin2-theta-w From the Charge Asymmetry of Hadronic Events At the Z0 Peak 88
Innovative Solid State Detectors for a new Beam Monitoring in Proton Therapy 88
An organ motion compensator for the CNAO Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy 87
Segmented ionization chambers for beam monitoring in hadrontherapy 87
The RIDOS-INFN project: an on-line GPU forward planning integrated into a dose delivery system for hadrontherapy with scanning ion beams 87
Study of the dose delivery system inaccuracies and their impact on the dose distribution during the first years of the CNAO clinical activity 87
Verifica dosimetrica di campi IMRT e calibrazione con una camera a ionizzazione a pixel 87
Preliminary results from a comparison of 2D verification systems for IMRT 86
An Innovative Monitor System for Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO) in Pavia (Italy) 86
Treatment Planning System for carbon ion therapy: study of the beam line transfer function 85
Performances of a monitor system used in clinical routine for thetreatment of uveal melanoma at catana 85
Design of a 64-channels current-to-frequency converter ASIC, front end electronics for high intensity particle beam detectors 84
A Dsp Based Fastbus Board For Data Acquisition Or High-level Trigger Control In Delphi Electromagnetic Calorimeters 84
On-line monitoring of the CATANA protontherapy beam with the strip ionization chamber MOPI 82
Primi risultati ottenuti con un rivelatore commerciale a matrice di camere a ionizzazione 81
The slow control of the beam delivery system for the Italian National Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO) 81
Fast dose analysis of movement effects during treatments with scanned proton and carbon-ion beams 81
A Measurement of the lifetime of the tau lepton. 80
Clinical performances of the Dose Delivery system at the Italian National Center for Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO) 80
Developments in the FBK production of ultra-fast silicon detectors 80
A measurement of the Q(2), W and t dependences of deeply virtual Compton scattering at HERA 79
A Comparison of jet production rates on the Z0 resonance to perturbative QCD. 79
A dose-rate approach to evaluate the dose delivered with the ion pencil beam scanning technique 79
The ZEUS Leading Proton Spectrometer and its use in the measurement of elastic rho(0) photoproduction at HERA 79
A high rate silicon detector and front-end electronics prototype for single ion discrimination in particle therapy 78
W production and the search for events with an isolated high-energy lepton and missing transverse momentum at HERA 78
The on-line detectors of the beam delivery system for Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO) 77
RIDOS: A new system for online computation of the delivered dose distributions in scanning ion beam therapy 77
A method for the inter-calibration of a matrix of sensors 77
Characterization of a front-end electronics for the monitoring and control of hadrontherapy beams 76
Development of a pixel ionization chamber for beam monitor in proton therapy 76
Characterization of the proton beam of the Centre de Protontherapie D'Orsay with an on line 2D parallel plate ionization chamber 76
A Measurement of the Bbbar Forward-backward Asymmetry Using the Semileptonic Decay Into Muons 76
A 64-channel wide dynamic range charge measurement ASIC for strip and pixel 76
A Search For Excited Fermions In Electron-Proton Collisions At Hera 76
A Measurement of sin**2 theta(W) from the charge asymmetry of hadronic events at the Z0 peak. 75
A search for excited fermions in e(+)p collisions at HERA 75
Online monitor detector for the protontherapy beam at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud-catania 74
Biological modeling of the beam delivery line components for active scan irradiation technique in heavy-ion radiotherapy 74
Measurement of Total and Partial Photon Proton Cross-sections At 180 Gev Center-of-mass Energy 74
Design and test of a 64-channel charge measurement ASIC developed in CMOS 0.35 micron technology 73
ABACUS : Two fast amplifiers for the readout of LGAD detectors 73
Strip ionization chamber as beam monitor in the protontherapy eye treatment 72
Real time 2D verification tools for IMRT 71
Investigation on the impact of ripple filters on the biological modeling of the beam delivery line for active scan irradiation technique in heavy-ion radiotherapy 71
A new 2-D ion chamber detector for radiotherapy quality assurance 71
A new 2D ionization chamber array for dosimetry verification of IMRT 70
Analysis of the treatment Log-files of the CNAO Dose Delivery system collected within one year of clinical activity 70
Dose delivery system at CNAO 70
A pixel chamber to monitor the beam performances in hadrontherapy 70
A single ion discriminator ASIC prototype for particle therapy applications 70
A comparison of jet production rates on the Z0 resonance to perturbative QCD 69
Test results of a 64 – channel wide dynamic range charge measurement ASIC for strip and pixel ionization detector 68
Risultati ottenuti con camere a ionizzazione a strip e pixel per il controllo on-line del fascio nel trattamento di tumori in protonterapia 68
Online measurement of fluence and position for protontherapy beams 68
A treatment planning code for inverse planning and 3-D optimisation in hadrontherapy 68
On-line analysis of 4D treatment deliveries for scanned proton and carbon ion beams 68
First results of the MOPI pixel ionization chamber used as beam monitor at the Institut Curie - Centre de Protontherapie d'Orsay (ICPO) 67
Preliminary characterisation of the beam monitors for CNAO with PSI clinical proton beam 67
A code for hadrontherapy treatment planning with the voxelscan method 65
Monte Carlo simulation of ripple filters designed for proton and carbon ion beams in hadrontherapy with active scanning technique 65
Dosimetry and monitoring of the CPO Orsay protontherapy beam using a pixel segmented ionization chamber 65
Angular and current-target correlations in deep inelastic scattering at HERA 65
A search for sleptons and gauginos in Z0 decays 65
Penumbra measurement with the use of a 2D pixel ionization chamber 64
A Precise Measurement of the Z Resonance Parameters Through Its Hadronic Decays 64
Design of an innovative beam monitor for particle therapy for the simultaneous measurement of beam fluence and energy 64
Q2 Dependence of the Proton and Neutron Structure Functions From Neutrino and Antineutrino Scattering In Deuterium 64
Confronto tra sistemi di verifica 2D 64
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2019/20202730 877191294 190394 462192 282303211153
2020/20213766 474125152272 421193 41288 484366301478
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