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Seoul 4
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Amsterdam 3
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Brasília 3
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Nome #
Geology of the Entracque-Colle di Tenda area (Maritime Alps, NW Italy). 268
Censimento dei geositi del settore regionale collina di Torino e Monferrato 231
The GeoDIVE project for enhancing geodiversity of the Piemonte Region (Italy): From rocks to stones, from landforms to landscapes. 212
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Geological setting of the southern termination of Western Alps 156
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The stones of the Statuary of the Egyptian Museum of Turin: geologic and petrographic characterization 97
Unusual marbles in a non-metamorphic succession of the SW Alps (Valdieri, Italy) due to early Oligocene hydrothermal flow 96
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Sluggish and steady focussed flows through fine-grained sediments: The methane-derived cylindrical concretions of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (NW Italy) 93
Dove il Plateau di Trento incontrava il Solco Bellunese: la successione Giurassica (Plienbachiano-Titoniano) delle Vette Feltrine. 92
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L'itinerario geologico dell’Alto Astigiano 86
Stratigraphic and structural analysis of the Cretaceous-Eocene succession in the Marguareis-Mongioie area of the Ligurian Brianconnais: new data in support of synsedimentary tectonics 85
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Gorno mining district (Southern Alps): new preliminary data about ore mineral precipitation and multiphase diagenetic evolution 75
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Geo-referenced database of Ornamental and Building Stones from Piemonte region: from Heritage Stone exploitation to potential economical and social impacts. 71
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He+ Irradiation of Quartz for the Identification of Ceramic Forgeries Aged by Radiation 63
Geological processes and their relation with human activities, exemplified in the hilly vineyard areas of central Piedmont (ProGeoPiemonte project - geothematic area 4) 62
The Middle-Upper Jurassic of Montagna Grande(Trapani): age, facies and depositional geometries. 61
The application protocol impacts the effectiveness of biocides against lichens 61
Integrated stratigraphy from the Contrada Fornazzo section, Monte Inici, W Sicily: a tool for definition of the Tithonian boundary 60
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The Persichini “marbles” of the Ligurian Briançonnais: a historical stone material with a renewed scientific interest 55
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Callovian radiolarians from the base of the Calcare Selcifero di Fonzaso at Ponte Serra (Trento Plateau, Southern Alps, Italy). 55
Archaeometry study of two of the most important ancient white marbles, for Cultural Heritage exploited in Piemonte region (NW Italy) 55
Le concrezioni carbonatiche nei depositi messiniano del Bacino terziario Piemontese: evidenza della formazione e dissociazione dei gas idrati? 54
Very hot, very shallow hydrothermal dolomitization: an example from the Maritime Alps (NW Italy-SE France) 54
Multi-technique study of He+ micro-irradiation effects on natural quartz crystals contained in archaeological pottery 54
The Valdieri marbles: the result of a localised recrystallization and metasomatism related to a focused flow of REE-rich fluids 53
Ceramic forgeries aged by radiation: towards a new method for their identification 53
The role of bacteria in the formation of cold seep carbonates: geological evidence from Monferrato (Tertiary, NW Italy). 52
The importance of taphonomic studies on biochronology: examples from the European Middle Jurassic 52
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The Cretaceous-Eocene succession of the Rocca Busambra (Western Sicily, Italy): a patchy record on a dissected palaeostructural high 52
Authigenic methane-derived carbonates in the upper Messinian chaotic deposits of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin:evidence of methane-rich fluid migration. 51
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