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NA - Nord America 4.916
EU - Europa 2.991
AS - Asia 1.807
SA - Sud America 169
OC - Oceania 162
AF - Africa 128
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 6
Totale 10.179
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4.737
IT - Italia 911
DE - Germania 598
CN - Cina 493
GB - Regno Unito 322
JP - Giappone 285
FR - Francia 234
IN - India 206
CA - Canada 151
AU - Australia 145
KR - Corea 139
VN - Vietnam 128
ES - Italia 110
PL - Polonia 108
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 100
NL - Olanda 88
BR - Brasile 81
ID - Indonesia 67
RU - Federazione Russa 63
TR - Turchia 63
TW - Taiwan 61
HK - Hong Kong 60
ZA - Sudafrica 55
PK - Pakistan 54
AT - Austria 53
IE - Irlanda 53
UA - Ucraina 51
IR - Iran 49
EG - Egitto 46
RO - Romania 40
BE - Belgio 33
MY - Malesia 33
CH - Svizzera 32
PT - Portogallo 30
IL - Israele 29
TH - Thailandia 29
CL - Cile 28
FI - Finlandia 26
MX - Messico 26
SE - Svezia 25
GR - Grecia 23
AR - Argentina 21
SA - Arabia Saudita 20
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 17
CO - Colombia 16
NO - Norvegia 16
LT - Lituania 14
SG - Singapore 14
IQ - Iraq 12
PH - Filippine 12
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 10
DK - Danimarca 10
RS - Serbia 10
CY - Cipro 9
LK - Sri Lanka 9
EC - Ecuador 8
HU - Ungheria 8
PE - Perù 8
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 8
SI - Slovenia 6
ZM - Zambia 6
BG - Bulgaria 5
GH - Ghana 5
PS - Palestinian Territory 5
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 4
TN - Tunisia 4
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 3
BO - Bolivia 3
EU - Europa 3
IS - Islanda 3
KW - Kuwait 3
LV - Lettonia 3
VE - Venezuela 3
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 2
DZ - Algeria 2
GE - Georgia 2
JO - Giordania 2
LB - Libano 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
QA - Qatar 2
TZ - Tanzania 2
BD - Bangladesh 1
BF - Burkina Faso 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CI - Costa d'Avorio 1
HR - Croazia 1
IM - Isola di Man 1
KG - Kirghizistan 1
KH - Cambogia 1
LY - Libia 1
MA - Marocco 1
ML - Mali 1
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 1
MT - Malta 1
NG - Nigeria 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
SZ - Regno dello Swaziland 1
TT - Trinidad e Tobago 1
UY - Uruguay 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
Totale 10.178
Città #
Fairfield 461
Houston 418
Ashburn 300
Woodbridge 292
Seattle 251
Santa Cruz 242
Buffalo 236
Ann Arbor 231
Wilmington 163
Cambridge 150
Torino 139
Beijing 112
Dong Ket 105
University Park 77
Warsaw 77
Pisa 67
Wuhan 67
Mountain View 51
Shanghai 50
Chicago 48
San Diego 47
Turin 46
Tokyo 45
Dublin 42
Milan 42
Taipei 42
Las Vegas 41
Los Angeles 41
Bengaluru 40
Nürnberg 37
Toronto 37
Vienna 37
Jakarta 35
Muizenberg 34
Ottawa 32
New York 31
Hangzhou 30
Nanjing 26
Seoul 26
Simi Valley 26
London 25
Phoenix 25
San Francisco 24
Central District 21
Clearwater 21
Rome 21
Paris 20
Boardman 18
Málaga 18
Teramo 18
Istanbul 17
Mumbai 17
Lake Forest 16
Riva 16
Amsterdam 15
Dallas 15
Des Moines 15
Helsinki 15
Guangzhou 14
São Paulo 14
Berlin 13
Brisbane 13
Gurgaon 13
Henderson 13
Islamabad 13
Madison 13
Prague 13
Shenyang 13
Livorno 12
San Jose 12
St Austell 12
Atlanta 11
Bangalore 11
Buenos Aires 11
Chengdu 11
Melbourne 11
Philadelphia 11
Richmond 11
Sydney 11
Delhi 10
Ferrol 10
Iasi 10
Munich 10
Provo 10
Santiago 10
Ankara 9
Austin 9
Birmingham 9
Brescia 9
Changsha 9
Fleming Island 9
Grugliasco 9
Montréal 9
Xian 9
Athens 8
Belgrade 8
Boulder 8
Cairo 8
Chongqing 8
Desio 8
Totale 5.056
Nome #
Obesity and peripheral neuropathy risk: a dangerous liaison, file e27ce426-c2ee-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 735
Solid lipid nanoparticles incorporating melatonin as new model for sustained oral and transdermal delivery systems, file e27ce426-b6ad-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 608
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Are the neurophysiological techniques useful for the diagnosis of diaphragmatic impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS)?, file e27ce426-af99-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 261
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Psychometric modeling of the pervasive use of Facebook through psychophysiological measures: Stress or optimal experience?, file e27ce428-2bb2-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 239
Does kinematics add meaningful information to clinical assessment in post-stroke upper limb rehabilitation? A case report, file e27ce42a-9490-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 234
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Performance at the clock drawing test of individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease and healthy subjects: a retrospective study, file e27ce42f-9b2e-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 196
Up-regulation of β-amyloidogenesis in neuron-like human cells by both 24- and 27-hydroxycholesterol: protective effect of N-acetyl-cysteine., file e27ce427-0c60-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 193
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Disruption of ArhGAP15 results in hyperactive Rac1, affects the architecture and function of hippocampal inhibitory neurons and causes cognitive deficits, file e27ce42a-a4b1-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 174
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Drawing lines and circles in Parkinson's Disease: the lateralized symptoms interfere with the movements of the unaffected hand, file e27ce430-dcc8-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 3
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ALS clinical trials: Do enrolled patients accurately represent the ALS population?, file e27ce426-db6c-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
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Virtual help for real surgery: the case of awake surgery., file e27ce427-d12f-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
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Is your phone so smart to affect your state? An exploratory study based on psychophysiological measures, file e27ce434-8cfc-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Affective touch in anorexia nervosa: Exploring the role of social anhedonia and lifespan experiences, file 791efe77-29fd-4b5d-9053-739304cb6060 1
Altered recognition of fearful and angry facial expressions in women with fibromyalgia syndrome: an experimental case–control study, file cf3029e0-0e9e-4da9-9486-1459a8d6907b 1
Mutational and haplotype map of NOTCH3 in a cohort of Italian patients with cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL), file e27ce426-ee90-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Characteristics of anxiety and psychological well-being in chronic post-stroke patients., file e27ce427-05d8-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Vascular and parenchymal lesions along with enhanced neurogenesis characterize the brain of asymptomatic stroke-prone spontaneous hypertensive rats., file e27ce427-bb51-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Amyloid polyneuropathy following domino liver transplantation, file e27ce427-e189-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Selective IGT decision-making impairment in a patient with juvenile Parkinson's disease and pathological gambling: a role for dopaminergic therapy?, file e27ce428-09a3-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Intracellular accumulation and cytotoxicity of doxorubicin with different pharmaceutical formulations in human cancer cell lines, file e27ce42a-675b-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Monitoring effectiveness and safety of Tafamidis in transthyretin amyloidosis in Italy: a longitudinal multicenter study in a non-endemic area, file e27ce42a-9481-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
The Virtual Hand Illusion in Obesity: Dissociation Between Multisensory Interactions Supporting Illusory Experience and Self-Location Recalibration, file e27ce42f-40ad-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
When Fruits Lose to Animals: Disorganized Search of Semantic Memory in Parkinson's Disease, file e27ce42f-94d0-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
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