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Nome #
Crust-mantle interactions during subduction of oceanic & continental crust. 10th International Eclogite Conference, Courmayeur (Aosta, Italy) - Post-conference excursions: September 9-10, 2013 214
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Yttrium Geothermometry Applied to Garnets from Different Metamorphic Grades Analysed by EPMA and µ-PIXE Techniques 132
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The Canavese zone (internal Western Alps): a distal margin of Adria 108
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Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism in the magnesite + aragonite stability field: evidence from two impure marbles from the Dabie-Sulu UHPM belt. 104
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A new map of the Canavese Zone between Issiglio and S. Anna Boschi, Province of Turin, Italy. 99
Petrogenesis of impure marbles from the UHP Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora-Maira Massif, Western Alps): evidence for Alpine equilibration in the diamond-stability field and evaluation of pre-Alpine vs Alpine X(CO2) fluid evolution 99
Il Massiccio della Sila. Settore settentrionale dell'Arco Calabro - Peloritano. Guida all'escursione del Gruppo "I basamenti cristallini e i granitoidi circum-mediterranei: evoluzione petrogenetica e implicazioni geodinamiche" (parte terza) 98
Metasomatism of continental crust during subduction: the UHP whiteschists from the Southern Dora-Maira Massif (Italian Western Alps) 98
Amianti e minerali asbestiformi sul territorio piemontese. 95
An archaeometric study of the Neolithic greenstone industry of Brignano Frascata (Italy): archaeological/minero-petrographic implications and possible supply sources 95
Geological and analytical procedures for the evaluation of asbestos-related risk in underground and surface rock excavation 94
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P-T path of the UHP Lago di Cignana and adjoining HP meta-ophiolitic units: insights into the evolution of subducting tethyan slab 81
Ubiquitous fibrous antigorite veins from the Lanzo Ultramafic Massif, Internal Western Alps: characterization and genetic conditions 80
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Metodi archeometrici per lo studio dei manufatti in pietra levigata 77
An unusual occurrence of palygorskite from Montestrutto, Sesia-Lanzo zone, internal Western Alps (Italy) 77
The White Marble of the Arch of Augustus (Susa, North-Western Italy): Mineralogical and Petrographic Analysis for the Definition of its Origin 76
Asbestiform minerals in the natural environment: localization, identification, potential hazard and possibile inactivation routes. A multidisciplinay approach in a joint project Centro Scansetti-Regione Piemonte 75
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Dolomite evolution from HP to UHP conditions: the impure Cal-Dol marbles from Dora-Maira Massif (Italian Western Alps). 69
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Osservazioni strutturali nel settore settentrionale del Massiccio Dora Maira (Alpi Cozie) 69
Walking through the Tethys in the Monviso Ophiolite (Piemonte, Italy). 68
Yttrium geothermometer applied to garnet from different metamorphic grade performed by EPMA and micro-PIXE 67
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A Coherent lithostratigrafic unit in the coesite-eclogite complex of Dabie Shan, China: geologic and petrologic evidence 66
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Deformation mode switches in the Penninic units of the Western Alps 65
Petrologic and fluid inclusion study of an OH-rich topaz-bearing kyanite quartzite from Sulu UHP terrane, eastern China. 65
Use of non destructive X-ray diffraction analyses for the study of “greenstone” artefacts 63
Eclogite and Na-pyroxenite stone axes of southwestern Europe: a preliminar petrologic survey. 62
Localisation, identification, potential hazard and possible inactivation routes of asbestiform minerals in the Western Alps of the Piemonte Zone: a multidisciplinary approach 62
Common genetic processes but different tectonic scenarios for the origin of whiteschists and other continental Mg-metasomatic rocks from the Alps 62
Amianto e radiazioni ionizzanti da sorgente naturale in Val di Susa: analisi del rischio lavorativo attraverso studi mineralogici/petrografici e/o monitoraggi ambientali per la rilevazione delle polveri respirabili aerodisperse 61
Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism 61
Ascia da combattimento in latite dell'età del Rame dall'Italia Centrale 60
Characteristics of UHP Pelites, Gneisses, and Other Unusual Rocks 60
UHP marbles from the Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora-Maira Massif, western Alps): petrologic constraints from phase-diagram sections and projections. 59
Use of non-destructive X-ray diffraction analysis 59
α-quartz in UHP rocks: irrelevant or crucial? 59
HP metamorphic belt of the Western Alps 58
Multistage metasomatism in ultrahigh-pressure mafic rocks from the North Dabie Complex (China) 57
Exhumation history of the UHPM Brossasco-Isasca unit, Dora-Maira massif, as inferred from a phengite-amphibole eclogite 57
Late chloritoid-staurolite assemblage in a garnet-kyanite bearing metapelite from the UHP Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora-Maira Massif, Western Alps): new petrological constraints for the P-T decompressional path 57
Complex Paleozoic magmatic and metamorphic evolution in the Argentera Massif (Western Alps) resolved with U-Pb dating 56
Thermodynamic analysis of garnet growth zoning in eclogitized granodiorite from M.Mucrone, Sesia zone (W.Alps) 56
Alpine metamorphic P-T path and evolution of asbestos-bearing veins from the Piemonte zone serpentinites (Western Alps) 56
Analisi petrografiche: dai litotipi ai bacini di approvvigionamento. 56
Gli amianti in Val di Susa e le rocce che li contengono 55
An easy non-invasive X-ray diffraction method to determine the composition of Na-pyroxenes from high-density 'greenstone' implements 55
When epitaxy controls garnet growth 55
Chemical analysis via non destructive XRPD on "green stone" artifacts 55
Phengite megacryst quasi-exsolving phlogopite, from Sulu ultra-high pressure metamorphic terrane, Qinglongshan, Donghai County (eastern China): New data for P-T-X conditions during exhumation 55
Mapping of Alpine rocks characterized by “HP” to “UHP” metamorphic overprint in the Southern Dora-Maira Massif (Western Alps) 54
P-T conditions for the eclogitic re-equilibration of the metaophiolites from Val d'Ala di Lanzo (Internal Piedmontese Zone, Western Alps). 54
The metamorphic evolution of UHP Lago di Cignana Unit, western Italian Alps, revisited 54
First finding of jadeite in the serpentinite melange of Monviso meta-ophiolite, Western Alps. 54
UHPM units in the Western Alps 53
Methodological study of polished greenstone Neolithic axes 53
Studio archeometrico di reperti neolitici e dell’età del rame in pietra verde levigata: discussione sulle tecniche analitiche ed interpretazione dei risultati 53
Metamorphic veins from the serpentinites of the Piemonte Zone, Western Alps: a review 53
First report of jadeitite from the Monviso meta-ophiolite, Western Alps. 53
La Zona del Canavese nel settore compreso tra Issiglio e Sant’Anna Boschi, Provincia di Torino, Italia. 53
Cathodoluminescence spectra of diamonds in UHP rocks from theKokchetav Massif, Kazakhstan 52
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